Mong Lim is a highly accomplished IT professional, and a natural-born entrepreneur with innovative business ideas. He runs multiple businesses with Dr. Baruch Kim, and he leads the company’s highly talented team of engineers and guides continuous innovation to deliver massively scalable, real-time, high-performance solutions to companies across the united states.


Previously, Mong Lim started his journey as an entrepreneur by installing his unique LCD screens. The demand for his expertise in the LCD industry drastically increased because he made his own products. He extended the area of his expertise, became a Microsoft Certified IT professional and had his technical expertise validated via rigorous, industry-recognized exams. Due to exceedingly increased demand from business owners, Mong found My IT Solution in 2015. which eventually led to many businesses growing under his strategic planning under one Enterprise, BKML. He gave solutions to many companies across the United States. He then became the owner of a medical research company. He and his team of physicians provided high-quality research works with a sincere desire to serve the medical community. He gradually reduced the level of his involvement in the research company to reroute his focus and energy on informational technology. Mong Lim invented a 3rd party logistic system and provided the solution to major companies such as LG and home depot. They became his Loyal clients. His company can offer lightning fast and highly effective logistic solutions to many businesses.


In his spare time, Mong is a car maniac, and he likes to drive with his exotic sports car collections. He is also talented in music. He can play musical instruments such as piano, drums, violins at a semi-pro level. He is truly a multi-talented IT genius but not smart enough to know that he is.